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Team PokerStars Members Sued For Allegedly Cheating At Craps

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Oct 03, '11

… for allegedly cheating while playing craps this summer at their … dice throwing technique known as “sliding” to give them a … Roller event last January. Dice sliding gives the shooter a … with weaker throws. To combat sliding, casinos have begun to …

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The World Series of Poker - Part I

by James McManus |  Published: Jul 09, '08

… whom also played blackjack and craps. If it had been, however … 's miracle river cards came sliding off the deck two years …

Tilt - Part IV: Coping With It

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Apr 23, '04

… slope, you may just keep sliding faster downhill. Because the risks … a larger game or the craps table, desperately trying to get …

Nothing is Certain Except Death and More Taxes

by I. Nelson Rose |  Published: Feb 28, '03

… . Although taxes are on a sliding scale, the increase hits the … a casino do about blackjack, craps, and roulette? A casino can …

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