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Poker Strategy With Jonathan Little: Sometimes You Just Have To Give Up

by Jonathan Little | Published: May 07, '20

Card Player Magazine, available in print and online, covers poker strategy, poker news, online and casino poker, and poker legislation. Sign up today for a digital subscription to access more than 800 magazine issues and get 26 new issues per year! I was …

Poker Video Spotlight: Isaac Haxton On Floating

by Erik Fast | Published: Apr 23, '20

Isaac Haxton has cashed for more than $27.9 million in live poker tournaments, putting him in 15th place on poker’s all-time money list. The 34-year-old poker pro has earned four seven-figure scores so far in his career, with his largest-ever payday …

VIDEO: Upswing Poker's Doug Polk On Bluffing The Flop

by Erik Fast | Published: Feb 01, '18

bluffing the flop, including a discussion of how card removal informs bluffing

Poker Strategy With Roy Cooke: Bluffing With Equity

by Roy Cooke | Published: May 11, '17

… a non-profitable double barreling bluffing situation into a profitable one … that said, when analyzing whether bluffing will be +EV, don’t … ’ll find way more profitable bluffing situations! ♠ Roy Cooke played poker …

Poker Strategy With Roy Cooke: Bluffing The Correct Amount

by Roy Cooke | Published: Apr 11, '17

… nothing they’re either raise-bluffing or folding. Sometimes, their hand … . When you’re thinking about bluffing, analyze what hands in your … will improve your bet-sizing bluffing decisions and improve your EV …

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Do Not Make This Preflop Mistake

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jun 02, '21

… check out the courses on bluffing at my training site PokerCoaching … perhaps that he is completely bluffing with a hand like 10 …

Badugi: Snowing And Snow Defense

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Jun 02, '21

… we run the risk of bluffing at too great of a …

Poker Strategy: Shifts In Poker Strategy With David Paredes

by Steve Schult |  Published: May 19, '21

… -check immediately. Eli thought about bluffing, but I think he just … Elezra to bet.) Good luck bluffing him on the river. And … Esfandiari where I found myself bluffing the river with a missed …

Is Joe McKeehen Poker’s Best Modern WSOP Main Event Champion?

by Erik Fast |  Published: May 19, '21

… . I was fortunate they were bluffing every time,” said McKeehen, who …

Head Games: Cash Game Preflop Hand Ranges And Post-Flop Decisions

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 10, '21

… you think an opponent is “bluffing” when she raises preflop, she … note that a spot where bluffing isn’t profitable typically means …

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