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24Kid24 commented on 10 days until graduation, basebaldy 2nd in WPT Championship, FTOPS deep run
Congrats on taking down Event #18! Unstuck!
May 05, 2010
24Kid24 commented on Matusow Busts Negreanu Twice on High Stakes Poker
I will admit that Daniel's game hasn't been what I would consider his best the last few times he's played televised cash poker but he's obviously running pretty badly at the moment. Let's not forget though that this is the same man who wanted to ...
Apr 26, 2010
24Kid24 commented on David Williams Wins the 2010 World Poker Tour Championship
I love how some people are hating on Williams because he got lucky in a few spots. Anyone who has played any amount of poker knows that sometimes you get lucky when you happen to show up with a worse hand. I guarantee that everyone ...
Apr 25, 2010
24Kid24 commented on WSOP -- Day 6 of the Main Event
You have to believe Ivey is the favorite at this point. Although I would definitely keep an eye on Antonio; he's probably one of the most underrated tournament players out there.
Jul 14, 2009
24Kid24 commented on Hundreds Turned Away from the WSOP Main Event
BlackGeni, I agree with you; mistakes were made on BOTH sides here. Being that the last day of Day 1 is generally the largest field of the first flight, showing up that day to register isn't the greatest of ideas. Now, I know that circumstances ...
Jul 07, 2009
24Kid24 commented on Poker Stars' SCOOP Series Will Feature $25K Buy-in Event
Can anyone say "time sink"?
Feb 19, 2009
24Kid24 commented on 21-Year-Old Woman Wins Bellagio Five Star Event
I think it just goes to show that when motivated, anyone can play exceptionally good poker. Some people just can't take a bad run and it's good to see that she put her head down and played through.
Apr 19, 2007
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