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parsifals commented on WSOP: Main Event Day 1D
please don't write so poorly, you're making UC Davis look awful: "Another legend in the field today was Doyle Brunson, who was playing in the field today with his son "
Jul 07, 2008
parsifals commented on WSOP: The Grueling March to the Final Table
it's "eke" into the money
Jun 03, 2008
parsifals commented on State Laws Banning Online Poker
The reason I comment on the legal analysis is because I think it's important to refrain from misleading people on these points (while I understand that cardplayer "represents" the industry, ie gives it a rosy hue). What if somebody in WA becomes less careful because ...
Feb 28, 2007
parsifals commented on State Laws Banning Online Poker
"This means that under Washington law, a penny-ante poker player could ostensibly receive the same sentence as one involved in certain types of child molestation. This violates the Eighth Amendment’s proscription against cruel and unusual punishment, which essentially means that a sentence cannot be disproportionate ...
Feb 28, 2007
parsifals commented on Online Poker: W Snipes Wins Sunday Million
"A huge hand would determine the tournament life of one of the two biggest stacks at the table..." because at cardplayer, we welcome high school dropouts and speakers of english as a second language to write for our magazine.
Feb 12, 2007
parsifals commented on Jamie Gold and Crispin Leyser Settle WSOP Lawsuit
with regard to the comment about this article being grammatically sound... well, nothing on cardplayer really ever is. but this is a sentence rife with problems: "Hunt also indicated that Leyser would likely win his claim to the $6 million." the legal language and tense ...
Feb 07, 2007
parsifals commented on The NETELLER Debacle: Part 2
"I raise this issue because I do not know precisely what behavior the founders of NETELLER engaged in. I don’t know if they conducted business within the boundaries of the U.S...." certainly they availed themselves of the jurisdiction--and that is all it will take for ...
Jan 30, 2007
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