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thasmodious commented on Internet-Style Poker Coming to Casinos
What's next is that this could return b&m poker to the pre-boom days of cardroom closings and slot machine encroachment.
Jan 25, 2008
thasmodious commented on PPA Releases Presidential Candidate Guide
Obama has two things going for him - 1. He's an actual poker player. 2. He isn't Republican.
Jan 19, 2008
thasmodious commented on Absolute Poker Confirms Security Breach
I've heard a lot of "see? this proves online poker is rigged" comments at the tables the last few days over this. But I think the opposite is true. Online poker, in general, is secure. The second it wasn't secure and there was real cheating ...
Oct 19, 2007
thasmodious commented on Day 2A: Will a Pro Ever Win Again?
Wow, helmuthblows is an idiot. Look, donk, it's simple math, something with which you obviously aren't familiar. The group of quality pros remains low, while the large tournament fields are built by hundreds of amateurs. Whoever wins a large field tournament got very, very lucky ...
Jul 11, 2007
thasmodious commented on PokerStars Deals out $100K for 10 Billionth Hand
Wow, two players folded their hands AFTER the announcement from Pstars. Incredible - "I just didn't think that 50,000-1 pot odds justified calling off my last $2," said xtedforerestx.
May 21, 2007
thasmodious commented on Greg Raymer Considering Run at Presidency
You think that is more messed up than a C- student, failed Texas businessman and former alcohol and coke junkie running and winning (twice)?
May 15, 2007
thasmodious commented on Don't Just Complain: Vote Out the Republicans
How could spending possibly increase? Have you even been paying attention. The last time we had Dems in charge, we had a balanced budget. Now, with Republicans in charge we have record spending (as in the highest it has been EVER) and a record deficit, ...
Nov 08, 2006
thasmodious commented on Don't Just Complain: Vote Out the Republicans
Barry is right. Anyone that doesn't see that we are losing our democracy, our freedom, our security, everything, to the extremist and fascist elements of our government just isn't paying attention. Poker is one small symptom; spying on american citizens, suspension of habeus corpus, ongoing ...
Nov 07, 2006
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