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bigtime1957 commented on Howard Lederer Back Playing High-Stakes Poker
If any poker player in the US plays with him, they are condoning what he has done, I say to all poker players, Card Player and Bluff, and everyone else let it be know if he plays in your casino we will BOYCOTT and never ...
Oct 11, 2012
bigtime1957 commented on Nevada Loses Regulator, Online Poker Advocate
Hey if you want a job I need a personnel consultant, to take over all of the gaming Industry. Look me up.
Sep 18, 2012
bigtime1957 commented on The Indictments: Six Men Have Pleaded Guilty
I'm sorry. But seems poker is not that upstanding even now. The poker world still has not banned any of these guys from playing poker any where in the world. even in the US. Until the poker world bans these players from ever playing in ...
Apr 15, 2012
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