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mrdrevil2u commented on A Statement from Howard Lederer
Sullying your own reputation again by allowing HL to leverage your good will and give him a louder voice in the community is a risky move. Your reputation is already diminished a but in your defense of Annie Duke. Keep going, keep this up long ...
May 20, 2016
mrdrevil2u commented on Howard Lederer Apologizes For His Role In Full Tilt Poker Fiasco
I'm NOT sorry I was still able to keep 40 million. I'm not sorry I didn't go to jail. I'm not sorry I kept my mouth shut while I was 100% aware of what was going on. I'm also not sorry for trying to talk ...
May 19, 2016
mrdrevil2u commented on A List of Players Who Should be Barred From WSOP?
Wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong. You can't be a little pregnant. You either have integrity and character or you don't. If anyone wants poker to have any "clean" legitimacy after all the online corruption you have to clean house. What you're essentially saying here is ...
Feb 26, 2015
mrdrevil2u commented on Poker Issues Part III: $500 buy in WSOP Bracelet Events
I view this issue as part of something else entirely, IUEGA and to a much lesser extend the behavior of some of the more infamous poker pros. Recall the poker boom started when an Ordinary Joe named Chris Moneymaker beat the top names in poker. ...
Jan 02, 2015
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