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f1rstday commented on Poker Hand Matchup: Mike McDonald vs. Stefano Tripodi
The multiply by 4 on the flop, 2 on the turn rule is usually close enough... what is getting lost in this particular instance is that you gain 3 outs even when you don't hit on the turn, because that turn card will also give ...
Dec 28, 2011
f1rstday commented on Barry Shulman Wins the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event
boston - you do realize that they got all the money in with barry having aces, and danielk having one pair (jacks), and THEN daniel hit one of his five outs on the turn to make trips jacks. Barry did hit a two-outer to redraw ...
Oct 02, 2009
f1rstday commented on The Mouthpiece Returns to Card Player TV
sweet... finally mikes back
Jul 22, 2009
f1rstday commented on N.C. Court Rules Poker Is a Game of Chance
"The liberals are ruining the country. Gays, abortions, etc are all perfectly ok, but poker is immoral, go figure" the legislation against online gambling was championed by bill frist, a republican, who snuck it onto a must-pass national security bill at the last moment. Doyle ...
May 02, 2007
f1rstday commented on Online Poker: Biggest Poker Tournament of All Time
tipton, you are a donkey. - fast
Mar 12, 2007
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