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gleneste commented on Legal Landscape of Online Gaming Has Not Changed
Allyn we need an analysis explaining why online sites are banning US players. Not the standard because of recent US legislation and the UIGEA. I want to know what their reasoning is in foregoing the millions these companies are sacrificing. What are they afraid of ...
Feb 22, 2007
gleneste commented on The PPA, D'Amato, and Other Gossip
What am I reading here? Motivations of those trying to overturn this backroom piece of legislation are called into question? So what if someone has a LARGE VESTED interest in online poker. I didn't see the motivations of those that attached UIGEA on totally unrelated ...
Feb 22, 2007
gleneste commented on Doyle's Room Will Stop Accepting U.S. Players
I don't care about who knew what and when...I only know that US players being banned by Doyles Room while the "government clarifies its stance" is not the correct decision. They made a business decision based on potential liability from their attorneys. It's just as ...
Feb 22, 2007
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