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Uncle_Harvey commented on Florida Introduces Intrastate Online Poker Bill
Screw the government. 20% is just stupid. Tax tax tax. Where will it end. How about they fix the roads and catch the criminals. Then they can focus on my evil poker habit.
Mar 03, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on Online Poker -- Isildur1 Hits $900K Downswing
cameltoe, Is it alright if I play in a stuco building. We dont use Bricks in my town.
Feb 20, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on Has Obama sold us out?
It is amazing that any poker player would vote for this Joke of a President. I guess you just got caught up in the hype like the snake oil salesman of old. Maybe you will elect the Sham wow guy next.
Dec 24, 2009
Uncle_Harvey commented on Report Estimates Online Gambling Could Bring in $42 Billion
Why cant we just make poker legal? Tax Tax tax. Thats all these folks know. These idiots spent $1.70 for every dollar that they took in last year and they taxed me at nearly 40%. What ever happened to freedom? Tax my diet coke, tax ...
Nov 03, 2009
Uncle_Harvey commented on Six More Gambling-Related Bank Accounts Seized
Maybe we can get Obama and Barney to change the law so that we can all play online poker. Of course they will demand that we are all dealt indentical cards. If by some mistake one player came out a winner, these winnings would then ...
Oct 05, 2009
Uncle_Harvey commented on Poker Law -- Barney Frank Urges Regulators to Delay UIGEA
Government out of private lives? This from Barney Frank is a bit much. Its a dang shame that the Senates most vocal supporter for internet poker is a hypricritical government lover. Screw who ever you want and play poker where ever you want. But never ...
Oct 05, 2009
Uncle_Harvey commented on What would Jesus do?
How about this to settle this whole debate. You take resonsibilty for your bills and I take resposibility for mine. I do not force any thing on you and you do not force anything on me. The Constitution clearly outlines the powers of the federal ...
Sep 13, 2009
Uncle_Harvey commented on Senator Menendez Introduces Bill to Regulate Online Poker
How about the government pass a law outlawing cheating by players or sites. They can then punish anyone engaged in such activity and the sites can regulate themselves. But no.... The government has to get its cut on everything. There is always another tax and ...
Aug 08, 2009
Uncle_Harvey commented on Deal Me In -- Devilfish Ulliot
Why does he always hit them 12 times?
Jul 19, 2009
Uncle_Harvey commented on Phil Hellmuth's Grand Entrance
Phil is a nuthead. But that is funny as hell.
Jul 06, 2009
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