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Uncle_Harvey commented on Las Vegas Poker -- Aria will open the Ivey Room this Weekend
Can I use my UB points in there?
May 22, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on Poker Processor Pleads Guilty in NY
freedom anyone?
May 13, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree on.”
Doyle, I always enjoy your post. They are thoughtfull and you come across as a guy that would be great to be around. Thanks for all you have done for Poker.
May 07, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on Harry Reid’s Office Says Online Poker Rumors ‘Greatly Exaggerated’
Mogo has a point. The government should just get out of it all together. Why do I need to pay them a Tax just so I can play poker in my living room? It is time for people to stand up for freedom. Write you ...
May 04, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on Matusow Busts Negreanu Twice on High Stakes Poker
I always wonder why so many people like to put others down. So if you flop a set, you would fold. maybe but I doubt it. DN has played some week hands on HSP but its his strong hands that have killed him.
May 02, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “The doors we open and close each day determine the lives we live.”
Lets try playing poker without enforcing the rules and see how that works out. I am sure it will work about as well as having a imigation policy that is not enforced.
May 01, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on Rep. McDermott Introduces Poker Companion Bill
How aboiut this for a law. Leave us the hell alone. We should not have to pay a tax for every pleasure. Drinking- tax, smoking -tax, tanning - tax etc. etc. freedom anyone?
Apr 04, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on A Look at Poker in the State of Florida
Freedom anyone?
Mar 31, 2010
Uncle_Harvey commented on Daniel Negreanu’s Woes Continue on High Stakes Poker
DN and Dwan are both better poker players than any of us posting on this board. Thats why we are reading about them and they are on TV. DN has had some crazy bad beats and Dwan has got real lucky. DN has also made ...
Mar 29, 2010
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