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snaggs commented on I'm Ready To Quit
1. of course not. making a living isn't the only reason poker is a great game. 2. decide where your poker priorities lay. is it more important to make money or challenge yourself or have fun. when you have your answer act accordingly. 3. of ...
Oct 23, 2010
snaggs commented on So Many Events, So Little Time
I am not normally a part of the bash Roy bandwagon, but you may want to double check the definition of "the stone nuts"
Jun 23, 2010
snaggs commented on The Commerce Spa
"...(he) writes one of the most respected columns in Card Player magazine." (and his own bio...)
Feb 20, 2010
snaggs commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”
ask and ye shall receive on comments, huh? Doyle is one of my heroes, but to be fair, some of the stuff he is referring to was specifically ABOUT online poker. Now I'm not saying Doyle couldn't cut up online cash with effort, but it ...
Feb 20, 2010
snaggs commented on Timberlake PGA Tour Pro-Am, Coaching Jeff Shulman, NY Times, Twitvids
wow all the way from England to London, impressive.
Oct 14, 2009
snaggs commented on World Poker Association Pushes for Universal Rules
a pretty weak analogy the football thing. Golf is played on vastly different course, with VASTLY different scoring systems (stroke play, match play stableford scoring, skins etc) Tennis is played on different surfaces, bowling on different oil patterns these are all much more akin to ...
Aug 28, 2008
snaggs commented on WSOP: Main Event Day 2A
7 5 is not the nut str8 on a board of 6 8 9, pretty sure 7 10 would beat it lol.
Jul 08, 2008
snaggs commented on Poker Pro Isaac Baron Wins Online Player of the Year
mizzi got there through multi accounting, come on card player, lets keep up with things here. He couldn't win at pstars because he's banned!
Jan 02, 2008
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