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Uncle_Buz commented on Bill Seeking To Limit Nevada Online Gaming Dies In Committee
House-banked casino games on the internet is a problem because the player-versus-house competition creates an incentive for the house to cheat. Poker, on the other hand, because the nature of the game is player-versus-player creates an incentive for the house to be fair. That is ...
May 20, 2015
Uncle_Buz commented on -$16 Million Now For Gus Hansen On Full Tilt Poker
I suspect that his account is funded by Full Tilt "loans" and that, for the most part, he is losing to other players funded by Full Tilt "loans" that are only ever repaid from winnings at the site. It seems like a sweet strategy - ...
Jan 22, 2014
Uncle_Buz commented on A Look at Poker in the State of Florida
J.R. I disagree with your statement,"The biggest draw to these casinos are the linked bad-beat jackpots." That is baloney! People who play poker - at least in tournaments and at the $1-$2/$100 are generally drawn to the skill elements of the game. I know many ...
Apr 02, 2010
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