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vabob commented on The Work/Life Poker Balance Part II
I would think that you would not be so proud of being a total flake. so u can play and win at poker. big deal when you stand in front of your maker, I do hope that this is not all you can say. (I ...
Jan 24, 2012
vabob commented on WCOOP Update and TPE News
wow im so happy that you are playing in the wcoop. Hey guess what. I am a U.S player I CANNOT PLAY on-line poker. I also will not get a penny back from those pigs at FTP. I hope that howard and the rest of ...
Sep 21, 2011
vabob commented on No Results on This one
I think u have to call 50% he has AK but he could have hit a 4 to river a set but not likely I think u are getting the correct odds to call given the way the hand played as he could be bluffing ...
Sep 10, 2010
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