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rjf826 commented on What’s Your Play? Street-by-Street in the SCOOP: Flop
I would bet about 450, which would look like a standard c-bet. Early in this tourney, I think our opponent's range is not as wide as it would be late, so I would discount the possibility of getting calls from hands like 9T or 56 ...
May 18, 2012
rjf826 commented on What’s Your Play? Street-by-Street at the WSOP Main Event, Part 3: The River
I would definitely view this 100k bet as a value bet, but that hardly means we are beat. I would expect this player's preflop range to be mostly big pairs and big aces. Based on your appearance he may view you as a crazy internet ...
Apr 02, 2012
rjf826 commented on Reasons for Betting
I guess at the base level it is designed to block their action, but the situation is specific to holding a drawing hand, not so much a hand with marginal showdown value. Do you think that changes the classification?
Aug 28, 2010
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