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tuxedodave commented on A Foolproof Plan to Becoming a Professional Poker Player
Good blog. However there are a few things he did forget to mention: FICA at around 12.5%, life insurance (if married), health insurance, car insurance, state and possibly local tax (he might have included them in the 30%), travel time to and from casino. Other ...
Apr 25, 2015
tuxedodave commented on Scotty Nguyen Talks About Colluding In Cash Games, Why He Thinks Many Young Poker Players Disrespect The Game
For me, drinking while gambling just adds another excuse for losing. I would rather lose while sober. That way, I know that the only logical reason for losing is my own bad play. Not because I let alcohol cloud my judgement. I have no qualms ...
Jun 23, 2014
tuxedodave commented on Man Steals $55K Worth Of Chips From Casino, Returns Just Four Hours Later Trying To Cash Them
Can you say "I'm a dumbass for trying to cash chips I just stole 4 hours earlier?"
Feb 20, 2013
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