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ironschef commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 9/28/12
My thinking is that calling is the only viable play here. You certainly can't fold, and would still have over 1M in chips if your opponent is sloplaying a big hand. Raising is out of the question because you are unlikely to be called by ...
Oct 01, 2012
ironschef commented on Massey: Pro Poker Players Come In Many 'Types'
So, I am a bit confused here - what exactly does he mean when he says "I had one of the best poker players alive in my ear all the way down to the end". Isn't it against the rules to be communicating electronically with ...
Sep 24, 2012
ironschef commented on Mikhail Smirnov Mucks Quads In $1 Million Event
Here is my take on this one - dude totally misread his hand. My guess is he THOUGHT he had a full house, and was being beat by a better full house. I'm sorry, I just find it almost impossible that someone could knowingly muck ...
Jul 02, 2012
ironschef commented on Poker Hand Of The Week
Its no wonder that our hero is "perceived to be an inexperienced amateur"! The preflop play here is absolutely horrible. ESPECIALLY against "young, successful online pros who show a lot of creativity in their games", hero's play preflop should be anything BUT flat-call. Preflop, either ...
Feb 27, 2012
ironschef commented on Poker Hand Of The Week
I actually have two answers here: First, I would have folded the 63 to the reraise preflop. Even when heads-up, I like raising on the button with many holdings, but folding when my opponent shows aggression back. Both players are very deep stacked here, so ...
Feb 21, 2012
ironschef commented on A Hand Matchup From 2010 WSOPE Main Event
I think critical point in the hand is the 3 bet by Romanello preflop. By threebetting there, he allowed Jaka to shove, placing him at a decision point for all his chips. When Jaka reraises initially, Romanello should be thinking "What if this guy has ...
Oct 25, 2010
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