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redworm commented on Ignition Casino Offering Online Poker To US Players
imho, it's a pretty good place to play in. Its like bovada with a different skin so.. all the software(HUD/Analyzer/Card Catcher) you use to assist yourself in bovada works in Ignition. I do suggest for people who just got in to Igniton, take advantage of ...
Dec 04, 2016
redworm commented on Sign Up For Ignition Casino For $1,100 Welcome Bonus
Well.. at least for us former Bovada players we dont have to care much about our pc setup because all the software we use in Bovada works fine in Ignition. Both HUD and Card Catcher works and Ignition's Client is like Bovada just with a ...
Sep 25, 2016
redworm commented on Casino Tycoon Sheldon Adelson: 'Poker Is Gambling'
haa......... A good business man doesn't mean his a good player.. if what his saying is true, then we should have a lot of new names in the final poker tables... but no, we get almost same old names on the last table. How can ...
Sep 14, 2016
redworm commented on WSOP Announces Finalists For Poker Hall Of Fame
I guess that's it... I'll just play online and Polished poker skills
Sep 10, 2016
redworm commented on Deposit On TigerGaming, Earn Up To $2,500 Bonus
Nice place to start For those looking for a HUD that works here, been stalking 2+2 and other sites and i found out that DriveHUD works.
Sep 06, 2016
redworm commented on Sign Up For BetOnline And Earn Up To $2,500 In Bonus Cash
Happy that DriveHUD works here, too bad i've already signed up 3 years ago.. I sometime wish i can re-regester for the sign up bonus .
Sep 01, 2016
redworm commented on Jiaqi Xu Wins 2016 World Series of Poker $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Event
Good job , starting your poker career at the age of 50.
Jun 25, 2016
redworm commented on Online Poker: Viktor Blom Loses $330K In A Week
I just shows that we do have are good and bad days
Apr 01, 2016
redworm commented on 11 Arrested In South Carolina Poker Game Raid
And thats why its safer to play online
Mar 24, 2016
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