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THETA_Poker commented on Poker Icon Jack Binion Opens Up In Interview With Bernard Lee
"Those sparks included Amarillo Slim’s victory in the first *$10,000* main event". There, fixed that for you (it was the 2nd WSOP Main Event in the 3rd year of the WSOP in 1972). Robert Jen (Author of the Poker Omnibus --
Jul 09, 2021
THETA_Poker commented on 2020 Poker Hall Of Fame Nominees Announced
As noted a couple of years ago, Moneymaker's initial satellite buyin was $86 not $39. See or your own Robert Jen (
Dec 21, 2020
THETA_Poker commented on 55-Year-Old Hossein Ensan Bucks The Trend Of Younger World Series Of Poker Main Event Champions
To fill in the missing ages: Mansour Matloubi was 37. Hamid Dastmalchi was 39. The rest of the ages appear to have been calculated by subtracting the year of birth from the championship year. Jack Straus was actually 51 not 52 (born June 16, 1930 ...
Jul 23, 2019
THETA_Poker commented on There Was A 110-Year-Old Online Gambler In New Jersey, Report Says
"Women make up the majority of New Jersey online high rollers, 51.8 percent female to 48.2 percent male" -- Please investigate this. That's very surprising! Robert Jen (developer of THETA Poker Pro for iPhone et al.)
Apr 10, 2018
THETA_Poker commented on Winning A Poker Tournament Is 'The Ultimate Experience,' Says Rising Poker Pro Kristen Bicknell
Nani Dollison has also won three bracelets: the 2000 & 2001 Ladies Championships and the 2001 $2,000 Limit Hold 'Em. Robert Jen (developer of THETA Poker Pro )
Mar 30, 2018
THETA_Poker commented on FanDuel Executive: Poker Is Not A Game Of Skill
Dear Matt King, Since poker isn't a game of skill, I offer you 10 to 1 odds if you can beat any decent pro (say, anyone in the Card Player Top 100) over ten thousand hands of Heads Up No Limit Hold 'Em. A million ...
Feb 10, 2016
THETA_Poker commented on The Most Consistent Tournament Poker Players Of The Past Decade
My "friends" and I were discussing this in my blog just last month: Most relevant points: * John Pham is the only player to finish in the Top 10 three times. Joseph Cheong, John Hoang, John Juanda, Michael Mizrachi, Daniel Negreanu, Steve O’Dwyer, John ...
Feb 10, 2016
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