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Jim28 commented on My Take on Poker and Gambling
Your life and what you do will have no impact or make any difference to anyone or anything. Spare us this illusion. Justifying that you re a professional gambler for a living by pretending you can do greater good. It isnt necessary so give us ...
Dec 06, 2014
Jim28 commented on Gus Hansen, Viktor Blom Leave Full Tilt Poker
Maybe because GUS is all time losingest player
Oct 24, 2014
Jim28 commented on Casino Heist Remains Unsolved 22 Years Later
Technically, the Chicago Outfit were no longer running & skimming the Stardust in 1992. But they still had their people in there. You can bet the rent this cat didnt live more than 24-48 hours after he walked out.
Oct 24, 2014
Jim28 commented on Judge: Poker Pro Phil Ivey Cheated At Casino
So Phil Ivey is responsible for the casino's inability to use intact playing cards?? Bullshit. Ivey did nothing but the cards. He merely played the game with the cards CASINO provided. Thats why insurance exsists. Ivey should be paid.
Oct 09, 2014
Jim28 commented on Homeless Woman Accused Of Killing Popular World Series Of Poker Dealer 'Elvis' Joe
With all due respect, how could anyone invite this filth into their home? Wow, cant believe she is only 30.
Sep 06, 2014
Jim28 commented on Former Roulette Dealer Faces Criminal Charges For Telling Gambler About 'Lucky Number'
Wow. Gestapo tactics. Whats the world coming to?
Aug 22, 2014
Jim28 commented on Gus Hansen Nears $20 Million In Web Poker Losses
Freddy Deeb @ The Inaugural WPT Event @ Bellagio when Hansen sucks out with Rags to eliminate Deeb: " I wish i could play this guy everyday for the rest of my life."
Aug 22, 2014
Jim28 commented on Online Poker: Hansen Approaching $18M In Losses
"I wish i could play poker against this guy everyday for the rest of my life." -Freddy Deeb on Gus Hansen after Hansen sucked out on Deeb with garbage to knock em out of the inaugural WPT event @ Bellagio
May 09, 2014
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