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TheAgnostic commented on High-Stakes Online Poker: Gus Hansen Plunges To $16.4 Million In Losses Lifetime On FTP
Exactly Tandg21 . Not a big loss when it's not real money . Hansen is playing with play chip's against real money players .
Feb 26, 2014
TheAgnostic commented on Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants Possible Prison Terms For Those Caught Playing Online Poker
This is one of the reason's I left Pennsylvania 20 years ago . Stupid politicians wasting everyone's time. Oh and please tell me how they would go about knowing somebody is playing this horrible game of online poker? I can see it now on Action ...
Feb 26, 2014
TheAgnostic commented on Gavin Griffin: Poker Questions Asked And Answered
While I agree with this article I would like to point out one thing. Dealers are for the most part very good to great but if the poker rooms would like to spread these games why not hire better than average dealers that are able ...
Feb 19, 2014
TheAgnostic commented on More Charges For Alleged Borgata Poker Tournament Cheat
How is this a surprise to anybody? Players have been moving fake chips into tourneys for 50 years.
Feb 17, 2014
TheAgnostic commented on WATCH: Poker Pro Convicted Of Murdering Parents Featured In CBS' '48 Hours'
I watched this and found it to be DISGUSTING! This guy was no Poker Pro just a degenerate gambler with debt and the only way out was murder? Come on . Anything for T.V. 359k in tourney winnings and probably 10 times that in cash ...
Feb 14, 2014
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