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gjpure commented on Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: Don’t Play Live Poker Like A Robot
Man, I cant think of too many players in live 2/5 who would fold AQ or AJ here what are you repping? This sort of bluff makes no sense. Most rec players hate folding and especially when they pair their A.
Nov 26, 2016
gjpure commented on WSOP Main Event Chip Leader Cliff Josephy Calls William Kassouf A Clown On ESPN's Latest Poker Broadcast
What has happened to poker where table talk is basically not allowed? And why is it not allowed all of a sudden but for years it was? And it cash games its still ok? (within reason). Do we all want to play silent stone faced ...
Oct 19, 2016
gjpure commented on Did Poker Player Go Too Far With Table Talk At WSOP?
Why is all this stuff ok in a cash game and not a tourney?
Sep 20, 2016
gjpure commented on Casino Tycoon Sheldon Adelson: 'Poker Is Gambling'
good news is he will die soon.
Sep 16, 2016
gjpure commented on Poker Strategy With Roy Cooke: Intimidating With A Minraise
I almost never see good cash game players make a min raise. Min raises are a donk move. With a min raise, you will almost always get called because you are pricing your opponent in. In this hand, what does this raise accomplish? Sure you ...
Aug 01, 2016
gjpure commented on Poker Strategy With Roy Cooke: Getting Stacked With Two Queens
This happened to me last week so now I don't feel so bad. The only thing I think you missed is that 3 bets from the blinds, even from aggressive opponents, tend to be a tighter range. Whether this means AK is part of this ...
Apr 18, 2016
gjpure commented on Should you go pro?
I only pay 150/month for insurance and it was 85 3 years ago. Thanks Obama.
Mar 29, 2016
gjpure commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 7/31/15
I would rather shove here. We have enough chips for good fold equity and are a favorite over villians wide range. If we just call, we are out of position and have to connect with flop in some way to continue. Many times we will ...
Jul 31, 2015
gjpure commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 5/1/15
I like leading on this turn because we want to build a pot for our hand and we don't want river cards that can kill our action. Any spade or even 9, 7 or J could also slow us down. Even if our opponenet raises ...
May 01, 2015
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