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Pokerhertom commented on Casino Boss Sheldon Adelson: Internet Gambling A 'Toxin' And Could Bring On 'Plague'
Boycott the bastard. Vote with your dollars. No go to his casinos see how he likes that. He is just as bad as the CA Indian Tribes who are blocking Online Poker in CA.
Jun 26, 2013
Pokerhertom commented on Ultimate Bet Cheating: Russ Hamilton Admits In Audio Recording, 'I Did Take This Money'
You can thank GWB and his republican buddies for all the money lost with that stupid midnight magic deal they add to a homeland security bill. Too bad the US Gov is so busy stopping honest players and letting the crooks steal everybody blind for ...
May 13, 2013
Pokerhertom commented on Las Vegas' Doug Dalton Returns Home To San Diego
There is no better Poker Room in San Diego county. They have more games, better pllayers, superior dealers and a nice set of rooms to play in all the time. The other Clubs or Casions are smalll and offer very little game play and action. ...
May 03, 2013
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