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srowan3 commented on A Softer Warning System for Poker
I think enough is said when your name is the fly.While I often don't agree with dick poker your the reason more people wont play get a clue
Aug 21, 2014
srowan3 commented on Limit Hold'em Is Dying, It's Time To Become Bi-Poker
Good luck Roy I have enjoyed your column for years.I had to do the same thing back in 2004 Party Poker used to have a lot a limit sit and goes that were quite popular soon though after everybody kept seeing moneymaker win. Limit tournaments ...
Aug 13, 2014
srowan3 commented on Road to the WSOP, Part 1: The Farm
I enjoy reading your blog andrew, will be in vegas next week I will look for u at the rio, I would like to buy you a beer or three
May 23, 2013
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