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Jim13 commented on Poker Hand Of The Week: 3/13/14
We can debate the chances of beating both other hands, but compared to X chance of winning outright and 1-X probability of ending up 8-7, there is no debate that if we fold, the outcome will be 2:1 or 2:1:chipandachair. This seems to be a ...
Mar 13, 2014
Jim13 commented on Furious Over Ruling, Daniel Negreanu Goes All-In Blind Out Of Protest During Poker Tournament
Don't worry about your bad behavior, just come and play in Cleveland so we can get in hands with you after you catch a bad beat. I'm assuming they are tight on that rule to keep people from peeking at other hole cards when you're ...
Sep 05, 2013
Jim13 commented on Poker Hand Of The Week: 9/5/13
Preflop, with almost no history on this person, it's hard to decide whether they would call preflop as a float to bluff later. If I suspected this, I would have checked the flop and then tried checkraising, getting the same money in but showing more ...
Sep 05, 2013
Jim13 commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 4/11/13
Given our previous check-call, isn't the third heart scarier for our opponent than for us? we could have made a small flush and a 3/5 pot bet could look like it was protecting against a fourth heart making a higher flush for our opponent.
Apr 11, 2013
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