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bdub100 commented on Dan Bilzerian Eyes Bet To Row Across Atlantic To Recover 'A Few Million' In Poker Losses This Year
I am so happy to see this prop bet. Finally, an opportunity for this fcktard to die and we can be done with his childish, stupid, misogynistic antics. C'mon, Dan, make it like 7/8 through and then have a massive heart attack and plotz! Please!
Oct 20, 2016
bdub100 commented on Jay Farber Says He Is Buying A House, Ferrari And Aston Martin With His Poker Winnings
Farber is/was/will always be a douche. He luckboxes his way to 5 milly and then spends it like a poor white trash lottery winner. After taxes, how far does he think that money is going to go? He has just enough left to keep himself ...
Jul 07, 2016
bdub100 commented on World Series Of Poker Ladies Event Looks To Rebound After Disappointing Turnout In 2014
It's time to end the Ladies Only event. Numbers and interest is down, and the mere presence of such an event is misandristic. There are no Men Only events, what an uproar that would cause. Women, by this point, have had plenty of opportunity to ...
Jun 26, 2015
bdub100 commented on Epic slowroll, or epic misunderstanding?
Slow rolling douche bag. End of discussion.
Apr 07, 2015
bdub100 commented on Irish Poker Open Final Table Player Busted After Slowrolling The Nuts
Yep, votes are and utter douchebag!
Apr 06, 2015
bdub100 commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 1/30/15
I'd snap fold...and I suck! Easy game. Agree with Juan3, just wtf do you beat, and you are only being called if you are beat.
Jan 30, 2015
bdub100 commented on World Series Of Poker Drops $10 Million Top Prize Guarantee For 2015 Main Event
Well, on the one hand that is sort of good news. On the other hand, WTF? Play for 5-6 days, beat or outlast 6500 players and walk away with a paltry $40,000 profit? Hardly worth the effort to try to win every flip and play ...
Jan 27, 2015
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