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Steve17 commented on Florida Could Shake Up Its Gambling Industry
South Florida pari-mutual's shouldn't be afraid of destination casino resorts, like the LV Sands or Genting proposals; just look at Las Vegas, where residents have their own gaming offered in bars, gas stations, grocery stores and local casinos. The strip accommodates most of the 40 ...
Jan 14, 2015
Steve17 commented on Casino Boss Sheldon Adelson: Internet Gambling A 'Toxin' And Could Bring On 'Plague'
Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the LV Sands Corporation is correct, Online Gaming will harm existing casinos in any jurisdiction where both are available. And his concerns about the impact online games will have on families and children cannot be downplayed. There is no question that ...
Jun 21, 2013
Steve17 commented on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Not Sure If Online Poker 'Will Help Atlantic City'
Online gaming is a mixed bag for Atlantic City casinos. It will undoubtedly bring new casino revenues to the AC properties, but it will further reduce the need to actually visit the City and its 20,000 rooms and 12 casinos. Our live visitors numbers have ...
Jan 23, 2013
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