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ssherwood1 commented on Social Media Gloating Triggers Poker Pro Phil Galfond Into Re-Opening Mike Postle Cheating Case
The gloating of Kuraitis and his negative comments made toward respected members of the poker community, and the fact that he is still employed by Stones (where he was at worst complicit with the cheating if it occurred or... at best, too ignorant to know ...
Sep 21, 2020
ssherwood1 commented on The Scene From Las Vegas As Casinos Reopen
In the interest of social distancing, I hear many casinos are setting up drive through stands at their properties so people can just pull up and drop off their money. No need to go inside. Saves time too. Brilliant.
Jun 06, 2020
ssherwood1 commented on Caesars To Begin Charging For Parking At Las Vegas Casinos, But It Won't Include The Rio
I know whenever I travel to Vegas, which is often, one of my most important considerations is where will I have the "most improved parking experiences". I think implementing a paid parking system will definitely help the "increasingly scarce parking spaces", mostly because fewer people ...
Nov 30, 2016
ssherwood1 commented on Bryan Devonshire: It Can Always Get Worse
Just another pro whose game has not kept up with the changes that have occurred over the past few years. I have played a few times with him over the last 8 years, in tournaments with buy ins of $1.5k-$10k, and have never been impressed ...
Nov 27, 2013
ssherwood1 commented on Jennifer Harman To Star In TLC's Sin City Rules
Really? Wow! Jen must really need some money to be involved with this piece of crap. All of the other women come off as bimbos with extreme low self esteem looking for any kind of attention. This show will bomb, and Jen will be embarrassed ...
Nov 26, 2012
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