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thereyougoagain commented on High-Stakes Poker Player Dan Bilzerian Facing Felony Charge In Nevada: Report
ill hold judgement.. what happened to "innocent til proven guilty?"
Dec 10, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Judge: Poker Pro Phil Ivey Cheated At Casino
YES it was CHEATING!! all you people need to get your lips surgically removed from iveys ass! here is where it became cheating for all of you ignoramus ivey groupies who think he could never do wrong: the SECOND he asked the casino to have ...
Oct 09, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Iowa Police Steal $100K From Poker Players
what they should have done is first of all said that they do not consent to a search..then they should have remained silent..if they had a judge wouldve dismissed the case as the guys constitutional rights to illegal search and seizure were violated....thats the lesson. ...
Oct 07, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Ben Affleck Dismisses The Claims That He's A Degenerate Gambler
lol! talk about red flagging yourself! varying bet sizes between 100 and 20,000...cmon ben time for some team play!! hit me up!
Sep 18, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Delaware Gambler Loses 15-Team Parlay On Last Game, Would've Turned $5 Into $100K
if theres ever been a spot to hedge here it is. i hope he was able to pay 400 for a flight and fly to vegas to get at least 25k on the eagles to guarantee himself a nice lil payday
Sep 18, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Dan Colman Wins 2014 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $10 Million Guaranteed Main Event
yea hes clearly a talented player, but obviously running like god..hell slow down. he has too his oppents flippin with him and taken the worst of it as 60-40 dogs evens out... hows ben lamb been doing? he was the prodigy 2 years ago, im ...
Sep 07, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Homeless Woman Accused Of Killing Popular World Series Of Poker Dealer 'Elvis' Joe
didnt know either one of ill preface my favorite cliche by saying i know nothing about the dealer who was unfortunately killed, nor the woman who allegedly committed said crime......"you can pretty accurately judge another person by the company they themselves keep"....just saying
Sep 07, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Study: You're Like A Pigeon When You Play Poker
also in this study it was proven that humans and pigeons both enjoy french fries
Aug 28, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Poker Strategy With Gavin Griffin: Interesting Decisions
fantastic article. as usual from gavin
Aug 23, 2014
thereyougoagain commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 8/20/14
i like the turn check behind. hes almost never losing to a flush and if by giving a free card the 4th diamond comes so be it. reevaluate then. however its imperative to get that last 87k villain has!!.the best way to do that is ...
Aug 20, 2014
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