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Tyler3 commented on Parx Big Stax -- Rise of the Big Stax
Im totally on board with the idea. The problem is that when you advertise something as having a "bunch of casual players", it never turns out that way because you advertised it in a way that attracts alot of pros. I do hope, however, that ...
Jan 07, 2013
Tyler3 commented on Capping Ranges in Live Poker
Andrew, I used to write you off as just an "ok" pro. Now that I have read alot of your material, including this last article, I have changed my mind about you. I really like the way you think about the game, and believe people ...
Dec 04, 2012
Tyler3 commented on Poker Hand Matchup: Greg Merson vs. Jesse Sylvia
Theblinds are 80,000/160,000. Merson can NOT raise to 235,000. Am I missing something??? I dont want to comment on the hand yet because the betsizes are wrong
Nov 06, 2012
Tyler3 commented on What’s Your Play? Kings Pre-Flop
There are a couple things to consider here before going into what I think each person is doing. 1. You made a raise that was a littler bit larger than the table standard which should send off an alarm right away. Not neccessarily that you ...
Aug 14, 2012
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