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joenba1k commented on The Never Ending Question
Great blog, don't let anyone tell you you can't make a living from 1/2nl I been doing it for 8 years playing about 25 hours a week along with a part time job. I also play 2/5 from time to time , that's where the ...
Jan 14, 2014
joenba1k commented on What's your opinion on playing poker like this?
Very true answer I Been playing like this my last 6 sessions +365,+65,+35,+101,+80 and I lost the 6th minus 155 it's actually been working but people are starting to see I'm playing no hands and saying I'm not playing in a hand with this guy ...
Feb 25, 2013
joenba1k commented on Cops With 'Assault Rifles' Raid Low-Stakes Tavern Poker Game In North Carolina
Still no reason for that at all.
Feb 19, 2013
joenba1k commented on Folding a set on the flop?
Thanks for the advice wps
Feb 14, 2013
joenba1k commented on How often/percentage should you be cashing in live cash games?
Thanks for the advice j I logged 200 hours exactly and my hourly win rate is $9.39 a hour which Isn't terrible I guess considering the min buy in is 40 and max 100 in the hardrock casino poker room in tampa. Thanks agian
Feb 11, 2013
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