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EvilJade commented on Skipping Hands
Good article , the other major distraction for poker players is their phone.
Nov 07, 2015
EvilJade commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 10/30/14
Agree with BBPCFNDR analysis but when you fold to the villains all-in turn shove on a paired board, in future similar situation you need to be more callee else a smart villain will used this to exploit you.
Nov 05, 2014
EvilJade commented on Folding K-K Preflop
Another question is , did the playing showing the A3s make a good play by showing their cards. I think no unless Player A is a player likely to tilt. I think both players were stroking their ego. :*)
Mar 22, 2014
EvilJade commented on What’s Your Play? Underrepresented Top Pair Results
Good article. I did say call the river bet but that was because it was very polarized. Nuts or bluff. Genius or Idiot. In answer to question I would fold to $500 or $1000 because of risk/reward. If a villain over bets like that on ...
Jul 20, 2013
EvilJade commented on Poker Hand Of The Week: 7/20/13
I would call. I know this a non-standard play as most would raise to push thinking that they are facing an overpair near a money bubble but the flop is not going to make an over-pair fold thinking that you hit 2-pair. So you are ...
Jul 20, 2013
EvilJade commented on What’s Your Play? Underrepresented Top Pair
The question is how many streets would the hero should play. I think 2 is correct based on the strength of the hand by the turn. Three streets if the flush had hit. So you get a discount on the flop with the villain betting ...
Jul 17, 2013
EvilJade commented on Poker Strategy With Andrew Brokos -- Learning To Look Left
Good article. Hereby it should be called the "Brokos" challenge. :*)
Apr 06, 2013
EvilJade commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 3/28/13
Terrible play from the Hero. What plan did he/she have? (1) First incorrect option was the 3 Bet OOP vs a short stacker increasing your variance when you didn't need to. A flat call or a fold would have been better. (2) What is you ...
Mar 31, 2013
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