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EdTheTed commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 6/5/14
I agree with the general lines taken by Juan3 and Ima_legend. I think there are many good reasons to play it the way it was played until the river. The flop is pretty dry and you are probably ahead. The turn improves your draw. The ...
Jun 06, 2014
EdTheTed commented on My Trip to Alaska
We did the White Pass and Yukon Route railway trip 3 years ago. It is great! You are correct, they ignore much of the history of each port and focus on Jewelery. I guess they figure if you can afford a cruise, you must want ...
Apr 29, 2012
EdTheTed commented on Back In Vegas
Hey folks, Valentines Day is NOT a holiday. It is a marketing day for card and flower companies. But no one gets time off. Reality check, hey? Ted.
Apr 25, 2012
EdTheTed commented on The Bubble Mafia
I don't see what the problem is with paying the bubble. Won't the short stack be more encouraged to just finish up?
Apr 22, 2012
EdTheTed commented on The Indictments: Six Men Have Pleaded Guilty
The poker world hasn't banned these guys because in many of their cases we know it is just the USA that decided to use an obscure piece of legislation to close down online poker because of some moral extremists. Just because a US prosecutor deems ...
Apr 15, 2012
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