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BryceFox commented on Poker Strategy With Gavin Griffin: Pot-Limit Concerns -- Speaking Up At The Table
I get your concern on this from some perspective but I gotta disagree. A blatant angle "call out" is one thing but that isnt even close to what happened here. The player did nothing wrong. The player facing action has every opportunity to ask for ...
Mar 20, 2019
BryceFox commented on Phil Hellmuth Will Let You Have A Drink With Him At World Series Of Poker For $16,700
How is that pathetic?? Anything that helps charity, is a good thing. He's giving away his time to spend with a total stranger, for free! He's not getting a penny from it. Kudos, Phil..
Jun 07, 2014
BryceFox commented on Man Loses $500K On Super Bowl Sunday, Sues Casino
I'm sure he'd be speaking up that the bet shouldn't have been taken if he won too, right? No chance in hell this guy will or should get his money back. Wise up, pinhead.
Mar 05, 2014
BryceFox commented on Poker Hand Of The Week: 2/6/14
Before I even post my comment, can you please proofread these before posting?? If you started with 4.25M, bet 130k, 450k, and 665k, plus the ante, you do not have 4.1M remaining in your stack. You have 3M, even. Not even close!? Anyway, to answer ...
Feb 06, 2014
BryceFox commented on Card Player Poker Tour News Briefs: More Schedules Released
Great... Two poker tournament series with about 30 events and not one PLO tourney. 2 HORSE, 1 Omaha Hi/Low, and 27 Hold em!? Why do people consider themselves 'poker players' when all they really are is hold em players?
Oct 13, 2013
BryceFox commented on Vanessa Selbst Wins PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25,000 High Roller To Become Female Tournament Earnings Leader
Well, it was a 4 bet shove she called. I agree with both comments, however.
Jan 14, 2013
BryceFox commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 12/13/12
I enjoy these but can you please take the time to draw the graphic correctly? It really hurts when trying to visualize the hand.
Dec 13, 2012
BryceFox commented on Las Vegas Cabdriver Returns Lost $221K, Gets Tipped Less Than 1 Percent: Report
I'd probably give him $5k, and be extremely thankful!!
Oct 08, 2012
BryceFox commented on World Series Of Poker, Guy Laliberté Firm On Cap For $1 Million Buy-in Event
I think it's great that you can min-cash an event and win about 600k
May 09, 2012
BryceFox commented on WSOP Circuit Event At Palm Beach Kennel Club Draws 2,607 Players
$10 dealer add on, also. Everybody was talking like first was gonna be 300k. Obviously, with a field that big, you have to flatten payouts. But, I did think it would be well over 200k. It was total anarchy and chaos there. They were not ...
Feb 22, 2012
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