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AdrianP commented on Las Vegas Strip Casino Halts Midweek Operations
Well, as soon as they keep the free parking, bring back FULL and proper buffets, and have the almost illegal 'resort fee' HALVED, then why on earth would anyone even contemplate coming back to Vegas? Management lost the plot long ago on how to run ...
Oct 19, 2020
AdrianP commented on Caesars Entertainment Makes Masks Mandatory While Inside Casinos
ZERO chance of me ever returning to Vegas while this utterly stupid policy takes hold. The execs are simply trying to prevent lawsuits. They in fact couldn't care less about staff. We should be trying to get everyone infected, so we can move past all ...
Jun 25, 2020
AdrianP commented on Nevada Regulators Update Protocols, Force Gamblers To Wear Masks While Playing Table Games
Why on earth would ANYONE go to Las Vegas under such absurd rules. More people die each year of the Flu. Why are they reacting in such a paranoid and fearful manner for something that impacts such a minute % of the population. INSANITY
Jun 23, 2020
AdrianP commented on The Silence Of Full Tilt
I'm baffled why the FTP players aren't and haven't taken a class action against the FTP executives and owners a LONG time ago. Clearly people like Howard and Ferguson etc still have the money they stripped from FTP, and therefore a class action will have ...
Feb 17, 2012
AdrianP commented on Divorce Settlement for Poker Star Phil Ivey's Ex-Wife Reopened in Court
She should be paying Ivey to get divorced, not receiving a share of the assets. She contributed nothing to the marriage financially, and only spent his money ($1.2m on purses and $1m on jewelry??). Obscene. Woman in divorce proceedings are some of the most angry, ...
Dec 19, 2011
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