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idun215 commented on Are Bitcoins The Next Big Online Gambling Frontier?
nope its not. The aveerage recreational player will find it difficult to use Bitcoin. Some people just aren't tech savy enough.
Sep 02, 2013
idun215 commented on World Series Of Poker Main Event -- Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen Skip Day 1, Show Up Late On Day 2 Because Of 'Big Cash Games' In Town
For all the people who say they are bad pros for FTP well this is what all the FTP pros have in common they live sick life of highstakes gambling. Blom isn't even at the WSOP and he just 2mil this past week online. I ...
Jul 10, 2013
idun215 commented on Chino Rheem Wins 2013 World Poker Tour $25,000 Championship
time to pay ur debts chino and edog
May 25, 2013
idun215 commented on PokerStars' Deal To Buy Atlantic City Casino Falls Apart: Report
The end of AC. I expect only the Borgata to be lone survivor.
May 01, 2013
idun215 commented on High-Stakes Online Poker: Gus Hansen Now Down $6 Million Since The Fall
live highstakes cash game that are not recorded. Dwan is said to have been crushing it in China live cash games before the relaunch of FTP.
Apr 28, 2013
idun215 commented on Gambler Sues Casino For Falling Out Of Chair
i actually fell out of a chair at parx casino before to. I didn't get hurt though. The chair i was sitting wasn't bolted to the ground or something so when i went to lean back i fell all the way to the ground.
Apr 26, 2013
idun215 commented on 888 Expects Nevada Online Poker By Fall
better spend some of that money on more customer reps.
Apr 24, 2013
idun215 commented on Pennsylvania Online Gambling Bill Introduced
I don't expect this bill to pass considering its represented by Tina Davis who seems to know nothing about online poker. A while back a article was done and it showed her stupidity toward the subject.
Apr 23, 2013
idun215 commented on The WSOP Wants Help Testing Its Software
if there using WSOp as a skin will they share player pool with other casinos then offer competitive rakeback to go against each other.
Apr 09, 2013
idun215 commented on Zynga Stock Price Steady Since Spike Last Week
hey get a poker rep.
Apr 08, 2013
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