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pokercrucible commented on Sharking: The Targeting Of High-Stakes Poker Players
As a former business traveler, I can attest to at times being rather lax with security. I try to find rooms with in room safes especially in Vegas which I go a few times a year. My first stay downtown VegasI had the in room ...
Dec 14, 2013
pokercrucible commented on Bracelet Winner Barred From World Series Of Poker
You read much? Notice I said, " . . . if he needs it" No one NEEDS the wsop - Geez dude, go back to killing lions . . . or whatever you do.
Jun 21, 2013
pokercrucible commented on Poker Player Accidentally Sells Wife's $23,000 Wedding Ring For $10 At Garage Sale
Hmmmm . . . while this story is quite incredulous, I find it interesting that she didn't entrust her husband to the ring or at least let him know where she "hid" it. I'm not sure of some folk's logic here . . . but ...
Jun 19, 2013
pokercrucible commented on Bracelet Winner Barred From World Series Of Poker
No, he does not deserve a second chance, bracelet win or no bracelet win. Interesting that he has taken to twitter to plead with the wsop which probably has no say in the issue period. Also, why does he need the wsop? Is he broke? ...
Jun 19, 2013
pokercrucible commented on Matt Matros -- Stop The No-Limit Insanity
So should Ford bring back the Edsel? Should Pepsi bring back Clear? Should Coke bring back New Coke? The WSOP is catering to the masses therefore more NL Holdem events. I'm sorry but this comes across as a person who wants smaller events. There is ...
Jun 12, 2013
pokercrucible commented on Hellmuth Shows Up To Tournament Via Boat And Dressed Like Someone From 'Eyes Wide Shut'
@x19 and how many bracelets have you won? Hell, how many tournaments have you won? Yep, that is what I thought. The man can do what he wants. He knows that making the final 6 is pretty far fetched, so he has guaranteed himself some ...
Mar 27, 2013
pokercrucible commented on Why I Want Men to Play the 2013 WSOP Ladies Event
WSOP has already said, they go by what is on the driver's license or other form of identification.
Feb 15, 2013
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