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tmfuller commented on Macau Sees Major Growth In Gambling Revenue Over The Past Year
Its the other way around. 8 patacas to 1 US Dollar. Imagine if it was one pataca to 8 US dollars like the author says- the casinos revenue would be over 100 billion US dollars a month.
Aug 01, 2011
tmfuller commented on Phil Ivey Not Playing in World Series of Poker, Files Lawsuit Against TiltWare
I am very confused how boycotting the WSOP is going to help this situation at all. It just means we don't get to watch Ivey play, which is another blow to the game we all love.
Jun 02, 2011
tmfuller commented on Epic Battle at 1/2 PLO8
I am a bit confused why you are lauding yourself for acting with grace and dignity when your big comeback was crude and unoriginal, not to mention probably a bit offensive to the female dealer.
May 23, 2011
tmfuller commented on Chicago Poker Classic
I promise you will begin playing better when you stop putting "donk" in front of normal words. A tournament filled with "donkeys" is what you are looking for. Embrace them. Two things we need to stop in the poker community- adding "donk" in front of ...
Mar 03, 2011
tmfuller commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY:“Nobody’s perfect, but if you aim for perfect, it will usually end up pretty good”
Doyle- you are in favor of regulating online poker even though it means a 15 month prison sentence for your online room?
Dec 10, 2010
tmfuller commented on Two hands -- one bad, one good
I am absolutely positive that you will, at some point, complain about a bad beat again. Though I am not sure there was a whole lot you could about the K-J hand with $200-$300 behind. Though there is not a whole lot you are beating ...
Aug 03, 2010
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