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dasgate commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 2/14/13
As played I would have folded the river. There is no way he is checking behind QQ-AA OTT and waiting for you to catch up, and his most likely holdings at this point would be AQ or AK or a random flush draw. The only ...
Feb 14, 2013
dasgate commented on Many Top Poker Sites Still Accepting Players
So... the number one site for US players will not accept US players? That is depressing.
Apr 20, 2011
dasgate commented on Many Top Poker Sites Still Accepting Players
I have looked into Titan, but from every account I can find it pulled out of the US in 2006... Did they decide to come back and not tell anyone? I would love to open an account there if it is even possible. Does anybody ...
Apr 19, 2011
dasgate commented on Department of Justice Indicts Owners of Major Online Poker Sites
This was passed before the indictment happened. But no, I don't think it has anything to do with it. This has probably been in the process for a very long time, and they just made it public yesterday. The only relation I would imagine there ...
Apr 17, 2011
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