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2-7ok commented on Stealing from a cancer patient....what has the world come to?
Did the thief(s) knew that the victim is a cancer patient? How can anymore be sure that this is a legitimate thing?
Jul 01, 2010
2-7ok commented on My Phil Hellmuth Moment
This is a story about folding K-K pre-flop from UTG with a 2.5xBB bet at a $65 tourney. OMG come on dude. For you to fold K-K pre-flop because you can't read the guy and decided to play it safe is not something to complain ...
Jul 01, 2010
2-7ok commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “Two important things you can never recover. The word after it’s said and the time after it’s gone.”
Nevertheless, you shouldn't have brought up that subject, Doyle. Some people are sensitive about certain things while others will look for anything remotely related to make a big deal out of nothing.
Jun 30, 2010
2-7ok commented on Poker Strategy -- Jeff Papola Talks About a Key WSOP Hand
So basically, he make a few standard plays and won against a guy who played his hand badly wrong, got in trouble because he thought he had position, then check-raise (arguably bluffing / semi-bluffing) with top pair weaker kicker with a back-door flush against a ...
Jun 30, 2010
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