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pokerlover17 commented on David Sands and Erika Moutinho: A Conflict Of Interest at the Table?
Seriously? Do you actually believe that Phil, Daniel or any other top name pros JUST happens to end up at feature table? Random? LOL
Jul 19, 2011
pokerlover17 commented on Interview With Andrew 'azntracker' Li, 2011's First PokerStars SuperNova Elite
How is it even possible to play 40 tables at once? I just can't even imagine how that is possible without some kind of auto system.
Apr 01, 2011
pokerlover17 commented on WSOP Final Ruling: Pound Sand
I wish all the poker players would get together and boycott WSOP. They have one agenda and that is to relieve every poker player of their bankroll. I can't believe that we just take all the abuse Rio(WSOP) dishes out. Just the fees that they ...
Jul 03, 2010
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