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BigJoeJones commented on Why the PCA will be won by a woman
Yeah Venessa Selbst is responsible for a large chunk of that money. I mean, girl power, go women and everything, but I think most guys aren't looking across the table and seeing Sally Poker and cowering in fear or saying FML as they do when ...
Jan 02, 2013
BigJoeJones commented on Poker Part Of Record Year For DOJ Office In NY
Right, Right... So seized the money, so have the money, so getting more money, so paying whenever they feel like it. Shout out to our elected officials and the executive branch of our government!
Jan 02, 2013
BigJoeJones commented on Full Tilt Poker Counts Down To Launch
This crap makes me sick. F the DOJ and F Howard :/
Oct 10, 2012
BigJoeJones commented on Tournament Overbet Bluff
CardPlayerPro PokerSavvyPlus members got to see the analysis and results of the hand in it's entirety in Andrew's last video. If you are not a member, check it out. You get a seven day trial for free.
Nov 03, 2010
BigJoeJones commented on What’s Your Play? Quads Full of Fours
I put in a pot sized bet. You get value from the hands that think they are ahead and are considering calling for the chop. To me, a larger bet looks more like a bluff and he may repop you with some of these hands ...
Oct 26, 2010
BigJoeJones commented on I agree with Palin and Fox news!!!!!
Freedom of speech is a "protected" right we have in the USA. Furthermore Juan's intent was not meant to due harm or filled with hatred or malice. He can't help how he feels and he shouldn't be fired for admitting his feelings because they may ...
Oct 23, 2010
BigJoeJones commented on Money and the Monkey
Comparing Chris Moneymaker to Tiger Woods or Roger Federer lol. You really believe that? I'm pretty sure you've watched the infinite TV coverage the guy has gotten and I am not one to bash Moneymaker etc, but he's not even close to being able to ...
Sep 24, 2010
BigJoeJones commented on World Series of Poker Champion’s Perspective -- Phil Hellmuth
Sounds like yer growing up too Wolfed.
Jun 17, 2010
BigJoeJones commented on Suspensions, Bans May Come to Men in Ladies Event at the 2010 World Series of Poker
Women don't need to be compensated for their lack of representation. This is similar to how the American sports media bashes Americans for not being more involved as a spectating audience in the World Cup. Americans as a whole would rather watch the NBA finals ...
Jun 11, 2010
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