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tomekk23 commented on What’s Your Plan? Boated Up in a Blind Battle
turn didnt help villain, except he has 66, but other cases he cant call a bet,unless with 666KK,so just check/raise turn, and bet river. betting turn is too strong here.yea, we shall bet for value, but K changes everything, and he is at the fold-point. ...
Mar 13, 2012
tomekk23 commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 3/3/12
opponent called 3 times, i dont think he can give up his hand for a 600k bet... sometimes it will work, against busted draws but it depends on opponent's looseness too... in a tourney i would check, but in cash game i would bet about ...
Mar 05, 2012
tomekk23 commented on Erik Seidel Wins L.A. Poker Classic High Roller Event
why gets 2nd and 3rd more money than the winner?
Mar 01, 2011
tomekk23 commented on Field Announced for 2011 NBC Heads Up
tom dwan is the best
Feb 24, 2011
tomekk23 commented on Hand Matchup Poker Quiz – What Would You Do With 9c9h In This Spot?
hi! i think if villain has a pair +99... so he should reraise preflop... so i think if he just calls,he got some kind of cards that he wanted to see the flop with... yea, maybe he got better pairs like "you", but... well known ...
Nov 29, 2010
tomekk23 commented on Hand Matchup Poker Quiz – What Would You Do With 9c9h In This Spot?
i think, villain represents a double pair,or flushdraw with reraise, but if villain really got it, why goes all in? villain can win more and more safely with not going all in.or not fall out if draw doesnt come... i think if villain wants me ...
Nov 29, 2010
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