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Cal3e commented on Mailbag: Playing Well
Nobody is playing a 150+bb pot with a dominated ace/king without any sort of history. OOP super deep with AKo most of the hands you make to play massive pots are bluffcatchers. It's very hard to actually cooler someone with AK for a huge pot ...
Jul 27, 2011
Cal3e commented on What’s Your Range: Results
All 3 players in this hand are online professionals. Nobody is stacking off with worse than KJ or AJ here. Calling looks stronger than shoving.
Feb 16, 2011
Cal3e commented on Online Poker -- David Benefield Picks Off a Bluff for Almost 100K
@Seymour_Bluffs You are indeed correct. This is a failed bluff, not a semi bluff. For it to be considered a semi-bluff, the bluffer must still have equity in the pot to win. Since they are all-in on the river, he has 0% equity to improve. ...
Nov 29, 2010
Cal3e commented on Massive Satellite Fail
@IP, It's one thing to insult/berate someone who posts a blog that you disagree with, but you didn't even read the post. If you think that Brokos is complaining because he lost the hand, you clearly are clueless and don't understand what a satellite is.
Sep 01, 2010
Cal3e commented on Massive Satellite Fail
@TheFly The Stars pro has NOTHING to gain by shoving AA here. His goal should be qualifying for the satellite, and THAT'S IT. In order to maximize this goal, you should have as many people in the pot trying to eliminate the shortest stacked player. ...
Sep 01, 2010
Cal3e wrote 'First Blog'
May 27, 2010 · 1 Comment
Cal3e commented on Under The Gun -- High Stakes Exploits with Bonomo and Haxton
lol john, the "gimp fashion" photoshop (with ball and chain in math) is from Pulp Fiction.
May 26, 2010
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