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LiveActionPro commented on Obama's mistake
Lee, you need to just step away from poker. Step down from Carplayer, step down from FTP poker. He killed a couple dogs Boo whooo! Unless you are the perfect person do not judge Vick. He paid his time, leave him alone. He may have ...
Jan 28, 2011
LiveActionPro commented on It's Good to be The Grinder
FYI, The grinder Got very little, after his 50k win, so heres the deal since I know alot about the poker player. We all know that the Mizrachi brothers are sponcerd by Patrick Antonison, well after paying taxes, then paying off his makeup, a good ...
Aug 18, 2010
LiveActionPro commented on DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”
LeeTheStriker! You really come off as a seem to know it all wana be, but in fact you prolly grind out on 5 cent 10 cent all day long on the interweb. Oh I will be at the Belagio In September as well, Hopefully Doyle ...
Jun 08, 2010
LiveActionPro commented on Lot's of Sets at The Commerce, Some better Than Others
Oh to strike, its obv Roy had the set of jacks on his mind from the FTP tourney and was a mis type, Roy has no reason to lie about a bad beat. He even admitted to making a bad call
Feb 18, 2010
LiveActionPro commented on Lot's of Sets at The Commerce, Some better Than Others
Roy Roy! Why did you not fold the kings, Right off the bat you knew he had the diamonds with that 800 raise, then call when you raised it, then he ships it right awawy, oh well if you go broke you can always go ...
Feb 18, 2010
LiveActionPro commented on Aid for Haiti
Um DARE2, you are a dumb ass, he never says anywhere its a good place to pick up dead money. oh by the way, most people will donate their 10$ and be all proud. Do people contribute to make them selfs feel better? or really ...
Jan 16, 2010
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