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Bruin.UCLA commented on Man Steals $55K Worth Of Chips From Casino, Returns Just Four Hours Later Trying To Cash Them
The motorcycle bandit, who did this at the Bellagio poker room, a couple years back, did the same thing. He came back to the high roller poker table and tried to use the chips to gamble with. He was a poor poker player and lost ...
Feb 20, 2013
Bruin.UCLA commented on World Series Of Poker Makes 'Ladies' Event $10K Buy-In, Gives Women $9K Discount
I'm fine with the situation of the $9,000 discount as long as the casino or whoever puts up the differene, so that the prize pool has $10,000 credited for each entrant. I doubt this is the caae now. If the situation is such that men ...
Feb 20, 2013
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