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BigDoggy commented on Online Poker Bill Will Still be Pursued
This bill is awful! It's designed to push out FullTilt and PokerStars at the expense of the US casinos that are funding Senator Reid and others. Where's the outrage? Why isn't CardPlayer and other news sources exposing this bill for what it is?
Dec 10, 2010
BigDoggy commented on It's Borgata Time Again
Roy, do you write these blogs with the intent that you want people to rip you, or is it your insecurity that makes you feel the need to keep feuding Daniel? You can't win this battle so leave it in the past.
Sep 12, 2010
BigDoggy commented on Massive Satellite Fail
It's not a massive fail. Considering stack sizes it's a very small mistake with very little downside risk.
Sep 02, 2010
BigDoggy commented on Congrats to Gavin, Call Child Services!
In addition to calling child services we should also ban poker in the United States. I don't want to live in a country where people have the freedom to make their own choices if there is any chance that harm can come from it.
Jun 27, 2010
BigDoggy commented on Sunglasses and Poker----Really?
I agree with maximose. He never said people with sunglasses are cheating. All he did was express an opinion and end it with this: "I don't expect a sweeping rule change for all poker events to ban the use of sunglasses, but I see absolutely ...
May 10, 2010
BigDoggy commented on Investment Banking is Legal and Poker is Gambling?
Warren Buffet, among others, has defended Goldman Sachs. Most of the media reporting on the issue does not understand financial matters and as a result the actions of Goldman are not correctly portrayed to the general public. Roy, are you aware that most of the ...
May 01, 2010
BigDoggy commented on Has Obama sold us out?
For profit health insurance companies are not the enemy. Here are stats from the largest US insurance companies Wellpoint - $61 billion revenue, $2.3 billion profit Aetna - $33 billion rev, $1.3 billion profit Humana - $30 billion rev, $1 billion profit Cigna - $18 ...
Dec 20, 2009
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