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WPS22 commented on My Two Mistakes from WSOP 2015
It's baffling that he thinks that turn fold was fine,in hindsight, because the guy had 15 outs. If you want to say the guys range crushes yours or something, then ok, but saying that it was ok to fold because you ONLY had 65-70% equity, ...
Jul 17, 2015
WPS22 commented on Floyd Mayweather Wins $830K Gambling In Vegas
lol give the guy a break. Bragging about wins and never speaking about losses is as old as gambling itself. I've never heard him claim to be a lifetime winner or anything.
May 18, 2015
WPS22 commented on Nevada Charges Las Vegas Poker Pro Bryan Micon Over Bitcoin Poker Site
Your first sentence is obviously dead on, but you are just playing ignorant with the rest of it. You seriously don't comprehend why Nevada has jurisdiction? It's because his servers were physically located in their state, its not that hard to figure out.
Apr 29, 2015
WPS22 commented on Man Turns Himself In Two Years After Robbing Nevada Casino For $164,000
Is it really a heist if the guy just walked in, typed in the safe code, took the money, and walked out, all while being watched by people standing right there?
Feb 10, 2015
WPS22 commented on PokerStars Sues Erick Lindgren For $2.5 Million
FTP was never an "illegal enterprise". You are making it sound like a drug smuggling ring. FTP certainly had its share of legal issues, all have been resolved through payouts to the DOJ at this point though. They are allowed to sue people and do ...
Feb 06, 2015
WPS22 commented on World Series Of Poker Drops $10 Million Top Prize Guarantee For 2015 Main Event
Well its definitely better than last year, when they artificially made first $10M, causing payouts to be flatter across the board so one players payout could be better. At least this positively impacts numerous players, and has the potential to draw in more soft money.
Jan 27, 2015
WPS22 commented on Daniel Negreanu: World Series Of Poker Main Event Shouldn't Have $10 Million Guaranteed Top Prize
If you are 99.99998% likely to never play because the buy in, do you really think he's talking about people like you? Also, if you are so unlikely to play, and don't care if making the FT gets you $1MM, or if you have a ...
Dec 29, 2014
WPS22 commented on North Carolina Busts Alleged $20M Gambling Ring
The same reason its not legalized all over every state. The gambling interests that already exist (casinos in certain areas, state lottery, etc.) put up a lot of money to lobby against it.
Dec 15, 2014
WPS22 commented on High-Stakes Poker Player Dan Bilzerian Facing Felony Charge In Nevada: Report
Please lock this guy up. He's a mass killing waiting to happen.
Dec 10, 2014
WPS22 commented on Former Casino Worker Was Fired, Lost License For Failing To Pay For $1.84 Red Bull
How they ever get anyone to work in a casino is beyond me. Between the customers and the draconian regulations on employees, I just don't see how anyone tolerates it.
Nov 15, 2014
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