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Phelps1183 commented on Weekly Rant: Integrity
Haha I'm a "fish" b/c I take his BLOG for what it actually is?! So if you know who his friend his why are so adamant about him saying his name?! What game is he running? Why are you so invested in his blog?
Dec 06, 2012
Phelps1183 commented on Weekly Rant: Integrity
Stay stupid?! You sound like a very bitter, vindictive person. I don't understand why you need to know the name of his friend who stole from him? What if it's someone who is not famous and you don't know em? What good would come from ...
Dec 04, 2012
Phelps1183 commented on Weekly Rant: Integrity
I'm not really understanding why some of you have an issue with this blog. He said he's been dishonest before and learned from it b/c the people he deceived were VERY understanding. There actually is a way to gamble responsibly, if you can afford to ...
Dec 02, 2012
Phelps1183 commented on Mike Sexton Talks About Stu Ungar and Poker’s Past
texasroadgambler, i think they point that you are missing is that Mike saying Stu was one of the best players ever was in referrence to tournament poker. if you read the article, Mr. Sexton kept stating that the WPT would have saved his life. Mike ...
Dec 09, 2009
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