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magicohmeohmy commented on Poker Hand Of The Week -- 1/10/13
I would have bet after the flop, 1/3 the pot, i would not have put him on a queen, then bet the turn, 1/2 the pot, then, if he is still playing, which i doubt, i would then check the river. If he bets, I ...
Jan 10, 2013
magicohmeohmy commented on World Poker Tour -- Bay 101 Shooting Star Day 3
wondering when/if television coverage will occur and on which channel?????????
Mar 12, 2010
magicohmeohmy commented on Poker After Dark, Durr v. Hellmuth
i watch all poker television, poker videos, read poker articles, books, etc....for enjoyment and too learn...and that particular Poker after dark was one of the best i have seen lately. the article by winston had some things that i disagree with too, particularly the part ...
Dec 21, 2009
magicohmeohmy commented on WPT -- Daniel Alaei Wins Doyle Brunson Classic Championship
This will sound dumb to many i suppose, but who is that pictured with Daniel Alaei holding cash at the top of this article??? I don't recognize him. duhhhhhrrrr I predicted Alaei to win before the final table.
Dec 20, 2009
magicohmeohmy commented on Online Poker -- Isildur1 and Durrrr Both Pick Up Wins
CardPlayer writer...."crazies" is the right word for them
Dec 08, 2009
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